More About Us

We are a group of dedicated individuals who have an interest in the seed testing industry.

The CSAAC was founded in 1944 and became an Incorporated Not-for-Profit Organization in 1997. We have over 100 Members across Canada and the United States.

There are six categories of Membership: Senior, Associate, Affiliate, Inactive, Seed Health and Honorary Members.

Associate and Senior Members must meet purity and germination  qualifications, maintain minimum lab equipment and meet ongoing continuing education requirements.

Affiliate Membership is open to anyone interested in the seed industry. Shall have no vote, hold elective office and shall not have use of the Seal of the Association.

Seed Health Member must be actively engaged in seed-borne disease testing for a minimum of two(2) years and passed the prescribed Seed Health Examination.

Inactive Members shall have no vote, hold elective office and shall not have use of the Seal of the Association. May receive the minutes, memos,etc. for a fee established by the Board of Directors.

Honorary Members shall have no vote, hold elective office and shall not have use of the Seal of the Association, but are welcomed to attend meetings if they wish. They pay no fees to the Association.

The CSAAC Seal and Insignia - By meeting and maintaining the requirements for Membership, our Senior and Associate Members earn the privilege to use the Association Seal. The CSAAC Seal and Insignia have been used for over 45 years and indicates our status as a professional organization. It is recognized in the Seed Industry as a sign of quality work and integrity when an Accredited Analyst signs their Report of Analysis bearing the CSAAC seal.

A General Business Meeting and workshop is held annually.

What Are Our Objectives?

To have a voice in determining the future of the Seed Industry, particularly as it pertains to seed analysis, by participating  at meetings with the Canadian Seed Trade, Canadian Seed Growers, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Canadian Seed Institute.

To enhance the professional image of the organization through an ongoing program of continuing education. CSAAC Members are required to attend at least one workshop every 3 years and to take part in inter-laboratory seed testing referee programs. The continuing education component of our Membership ensures that CSAAC Analysts keep abreast of the ever-changing needs and requirements of the Seed Industry.

To communicate to our Members information that is relevant and timely. A monthly Newsletter called "Breaking Dormancy" will keep members updated and informed on seed related issues.

To provide our Customers with seed analysis services and information that will meet their marketplace needs. Our Convention Workshops are known for their valuable and extensive information. By meeting and networking with their peers, CSAAC Analysts take home valuable information and resources that may not be offered elsewhere. Annual Workshops are hosted by the Regional Directors and held in the East, Central and Western regions of Canada. Our Workshops focus on the current concerns of the seed testing industry and can be tailored to suit the educational needs of our members.

What Would Membership Mean to You?

Seed Analyst trainees can obtain training to suit their needs from CSAAC Members.

Attendance at CSAAC workshops will assist you in maintaining your continuing education requirements under the CFIA Lab Accreditation Program.

Annual meetings that enable you to network with your peers and discuss common concerns and problems. Annual workshops are held across Canada, tailored to address the educational needs of our members.

A forum to become involved in the seed testing industry in Canada and Internationally.


Krista Erickson
Executive Director
Commercial Seed Analysts Association of Canada (CSAAC)
5788 L & A Road
Vernon, BC V1B 3P8
Ph: 204-720-0052