Honorary Membership

A bit of history on how honorary members have been selected over the past 70 years...

At the onset of the CSAAC in 1944, six honorary members were initially selected. These six individuals represented the collective group of employers who enabled and supported the small group of founding members who sowed the early seeds of the CSAAC. Through the first private labs in Canada, these employers provided the tools and resources required by the analysts to establish the organization on a professional scale, thereby acknowledging the need for an association that would allow their analysts to keep abreast of changes in seed testing regulations, and also develop greater collaboration and support among existing analysts across provinces.

Through the decades, honorary members have included not only analysts, but others who have contributed to the betterment of the organization over the years, in many different capacities from both public and private sectors related to the seed industry. Members have hailed from not only seed labs and private seed companies, but also universities and government departments across Canada.

Since 1995, honorary members have been selected on a bi-annual basis. They are nominated by the general membership of the CSAAC, and final selection is made by the executive board.

The CSAAC remains indebted to these individuals who have helped establish and shape our association into the knowledgeable, growing body that it is today.


Ken Allison E.J. Doyle Joanne Hinke Bill Robertson
J.D. Arnold Arthur Dumais Alon Johnson Clyde Robertson
Doug Ashton S.A. Early Helmut Koops Everett Robertson
Barry Bain Sandie Ednie B. LeBeau Lloyd Robertson
Doris Ballantine Dorothy Edwards Dr. Cyril Leggatt Bernard Rogers
Jack Barnes G.A. Elliott Norman Lewis Mary Ross
Douglas Bell O. Emmitt J.L. Lowes Norman Rothwell
F.O. Blake Gabe Eros Norman MacKenzie Mike Scheffel
Wilfred Bradnock John Eros Hon. Charles MacNaughton Ross Sibbit
Norman Brennan Roy Findlay Mildred MacPhee Yudi Singh
T.W. Brennand Dr. B.F. Forward Christena McArthur F.R. Smith
Mary Bristol E.T. McLaughlin H.G. McLeod Richard Speare
Robert Bruce Ed Gamble Norman McPherson Frank Stone
Joe Charmella Jack Fotheringham Clarence Mastel Ken Stoner
Steward Chidley R.B. Francis L.A. Michalski Tibor Szego
Ivah Clark Arnold Froebel Dr. Jens Nielson Harold Wadley
Robert Colborn Howard Gorsline Fred Parsons Robert Wight
Tom Cuddy Tom Gray Thomas Pick Bill Witbeck
William Dale Nicholas Hannas Stewart Pritchard W.H. Wright
J.A. Dawson Leo Hervo Susan Putz Rodney Young
Lloyd Dick Arthur Heise John Rennie Jim Sheppard