Reports and Technical Summaries for the Two Lentil Germination Referee Studies Completed in 2012 and 2013

Attached are the reports and technical summaries for the two lentil germination referee studies completed in 2012 and 2013.

From the two year study, we gathered sufficient data and evidence to propose method changes for lentil germination in the current Canadian Methods and Procedures for Testing Seed (M&P). A proposal of the lentil method change will be submitted to the M & P review committee.  Meanwhile, the information on the method harmonization will be shared with AOSA and ISTA.  The goal of sharing this information is to provide evidence and data for the improvement of lentil seedling evaluation guidelines (e.g., clarity on abnormal descriptions and uniformity in evaluating borderline seedlings) and the consideration of hard seeds (AOSA) in reporting and pre-treatments (ISTA) on lentil germination method.

The studies and their results are an unbiased way to address the concerns from seed producers and consumers about the lack of uniformity in lentil germination test results.   Therefore, the test organizers are very thankful to those participating labs, technical advisors and material providers for your participation and contribution.