Membership Seals

The CSAAC Seal program will continue in Seeds Canada without interruption. Please continue to use your CSAAC Seal for now. A new Seeds Canada Seal will be developed and issued (at no charge) to all CSAAC analyst members that previously had a Seal. Please stay tuned for further details in the coming months. No new CSAAC Seals will be issued. Any new Seal applications will go through Seeds Canada and will be available once a new Seal is developed and the CSAAC Seal program has transitioned over.

Senior and Associate Membership Seals Program

Senior, Associate and Seed Health are entitled to use of a CSAAC membership seal. The seal is ordered using the seal order form attached to this document, available from the CSAAC office or on the CSAAC website,

When the seal is ordered, a unique seal number is assigned to the member. The Seal is available in self-inking or rubber styles or as an electronic document.

The user fee for the seal is $100.00 plus GST/HST. This is a one-time fee which does not have to be paid again if a seal is replaced. In addition to the User Fee the member will pay for the cost of the seal plus shipping and handling.

Self Inking and Rubber Seals

The seal is mailed to the member usually within 2 weeks of ordering. The cost of a rubber seal and the cost of a self-inking seal is $100 plus GST/HST. These costs do not include shipping and handling which is $25 and is subject to change if postage rates go up.

Electronic Seal

The seal is available in electronic format as a Microsoft Word document. The document will be sent to the member by email. The electronic membership seal cannot be altered in any way other than in size as needed by the member to fit their Report of Analysis. The cost for an electronic seal is $50 plus GST/HST.

Privilege of Use Contract

The CSAAC Executive Director will prepare a Privilege of Use Contract and send it to the member once the seal has been delivered. The contract outlines the conditions for use of the seal. The member imprints the contract with the seal, signs and returns it to the CSAAC office together with a copy of a report of analysis bearing the member's seal and signature. Once the contract has been returned and fees have been paid, the Executive Director will send the member a letter authorizing use of the seal.

Payment of fees

The CSAAC office will issue an invoice to the member for the user fee and the seal costs. The member will not be authorized to use the seal until all fees have been paid.

Seal Usage Contract And Seal Fees

2016 CSAAC Fee Schedule

CSAAC Seal Fees are due and payable upon receipt of seal and invoice. No seal may be used by the CSAAC member until all invoices have been paid in full.

Seal User Fee

One-time Fee For Members $100

Electronic Seal Fee


Self-Inking Seal Fee


Shipping and Handling $25

Rubber Seal Fee


Shipping and Handling $25