Seed Swap

Seed SwapThis year at the CSAAC Annual Meeting and Workshop we started a “Seed Swap” participants contributed over 90 specimens!  Thank-you!

We have so many this will be an ongoing CSAAC project!  We hope to give out 20 Verified Specimens every year!   Here is the letter for the Seed Swap Species that went out this year.  This will provide evidence for those got a set of specimens that they have been verified in comparison to the National Seed Herbarium. 

 For those who were unable to attend there are still about one dozen sets available for purchase.  Please send $30 plus $5 shipping to the CSAAC office to receive a set of your own.  These are a value of $75 or more if you had to put in the labour and pay for the verification.  Attending the CSAAC workshop and Annual Meeting gets you a set for FREE! 

 Please keep in mind that we need to keep contributing to this project!  Please send any seeds that are usual to CFIA SSTS on a regular basis to continue the SEED SWAP 20 verified specimens a year can really help build your seed herbarium.  Remember what you think is an everyday species might be something the rest of us never see!

Please contact the CSAAC office directly if you are wanting a set of samples.

Crop and Weed Seeds Wanted